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Monoi de Tahiti oil. Natural Skin care & Hair care.

Independant laboratories have ascertained the ability for the Monoi oil to repair damaged hair and moisturize the skin for up to 8 hours. A Natural Skin Care Moisturizer.

















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Monoi de Tahiti: Natural Skin Care Moisturiser.

A bombshell has just been dropped in the Natural Cosmetic Industry; one of the best kept beauty secrets is out.

The French Polynesians have perfected this beauty secret over the last 2000 years. A unique and truly amazing skin care product offering tremendous results, yet very few people know about it.

Imagine one single product able to moisturize any type of skin or complexion. Wave a magic wand over your face to normalize your skin back to a smoother look and all for just under $30.

The hottest beauty secret that will assist you in fighting the signs of premature skin ageing and preventing from the daily environmental aggressions. It is incredibly easy to use and its phenomenal scientifically proven benefits, all achieved naturally, are now available so you too can achieve the best skin possible for the rest of your life.

This secret weapon is now available in Australia and to the rest of the world. Feel the difference when you start using Monoi de Tahiti for your daily skin beauty needs. Monoi de Tahiti makes you feel Beautiful, Sexier and Younger, without any invasive cosmetic procedure.

A woman's biggest challenge is to keep the skin protected naturally all day, without the use of harmful chemicals.

What is Monoi de Tahiti's unique manufacturing process and its secret of composition?

It combines the moisturizing and nutritive properties of coprah oil (Coconut oil) with the soothing properties of the Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia) flower. Its scientifically studied and proven benefits place this beauty product in a new league of skin care products.

When you use Monoi de Tahiti as a natural skin care product, you will be pleasantly surprised. Its soft texture and its moisturising properties assisting your skin from dryness and the light and soft film of Copra oil combined with the unique aromatherapy benefits from the scent of the Tiare flowers will enhance and elevate the regeneration of your body and soul to heavenly proportions.

The Monoi de Tahiti oils from Monoi Australia are known for their remarkable natural moisturising properties, now perfected for your skin care needs and skin's benefits. Once you have tried Monoi de Tahiti you will never look back. You will no longer need to apply 3, 4, 5 different day or night creams, serums and other skin care potions... One product, one low price.

There is no other product like Monoi de Tahiti. Do not let yourself be fooled by glossy marketing and giveaway gimmicks by other skin care products. Get the right product that delivers the right results.


So what is so unique about Monoi de Tahiti?

Looking at the facts that have been determined by independent laboratories:

Monoi de Tahiti provides progressive and long-lasting moisturizing on the upper layers of the skin.
(Study No If 490, showing a 33% of improvement of the parameters relating to cutaneous micro-relief).

The maximum moisturising effect is reached between 4 to 6 hours after application and definitive visible changes after 28 days. It is recommended to use Monoi de Tahiti after every wash, either in its natural original oil form or as a balm or body butter. This alone makes it a mandatory item in your bathroom.

Moreover during our studies we have learned Monoi de Tahiti can be used to effectively repair dry and damaged hair, as a hair care product.

Before   After
(Study N° IE 317 showing the repairing effect on damaged and dried hair).

After use, the hair is shiny and easy to comb. Applied as a regenerative mask before shampooing or applied to clean hair, Monoi de Tahiti deeply repairs the capillary fiber. The keratinous scales are tightened and the hair feels silky and glossy.
To obtain the best results, lather Monoi de Tahiti into your hair and leave for 1/2 hour prior to washing, then rinse (only do this treatment once fortnightly).



Feel and look good.

Now you can enhance your tan and achieve the results you want with peace of mind.
Once a basic tan is developed, Monoi de Tahiti will produce incredible results with the sun! Your skin absorbs Monoi quickly, so it does not feel oily or greasy. As an after sun moisturizer, Monoi assists against dryness and peeling of your skin.

Join this exclusive secret society... Give your skin and your hair a natural bath of hydration, you deserve it! Once you accept the simplicity of Monoi de Tahiti and its diversity and incredible effectiveness, you will truly want to reward yourself every day by simplifying your daily beauty regime. You will feel like a Goddess, all day, every day.

































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