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Natural Gardenia oil: Skin Protector.

Natural Gardenia scent is one of the most prized by women in a cosmetic product.

It is necessary to point out that a natural gardenia oil or a gardenia essential oil do not exist. Only extracts from the flowers can provide a natural scent, otherwise it may be obtain from a fragrance.

Our understanding is there are a few cosmetic products claiming to have a natural gardenia oil or using gardenia essential oil as part of their formulation. Our recommendation is to be aware as you might not be paying for what you believe you are buying.

In the case of natural Gardenia (Tiare) scent obtained from flowers extract the following substances must be listed: Linalool, Benzyl Cinnamate and Geraniol (these are naturally occurring substances that are listed as possible allergens).

Other possible listed allergens are present in the natural gardenia and vanilla scents too.

Monoi Australia's oil is naturally scented by the process of soaking 200 flowers per litre to the coconut oil; making it the only oil with a naturally obtained scent, while preserving the process of the Guarantee of Origin.


Our Monoi AO Natural Tiare oil can provide you with the benefits of a natural gardenia scented oil that can be used to apply a natural scent onto your skin. Furthermore it will provide your skin or hair with all the associated and proven skin care/hair care repairing, moisturising and protecting benefits of a true natural cosmetic product, without any gimmicks.


Monoi de Tahiti is well known to protect the skin through out the year, from the hot-weather keeping the moisture of the skin to the cold-weather giving a barrier against the cold winds. But also used to provide a thermal protection for the skin, commonly reported allowing to stay longer in the ocean while diving by giving a couple of degrees isolation to the body, which is also experienced in winter and during other cold temperatures.



Monoi de Tahiti: a natural skin protector.



































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