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Natural Head Lice Treatment:

Head Lice are parasite living of a host organism (usually a human or animal), which means they feed-of and need the host to survive. Therefore they are very quick to adapt to new environments and like viruses or bacteria have the ability to become resistant to chemical treatments and evolved. Head Lice have an exoskeleton (a hard outside shell), which remain the best way of destroying them.


What are the danger of an infection?

Contrary to popular beliefs, Head Lice infections are nothing to do with personal hygiene, as they do not discriminate on the host, gender or age. But most importantly as they travel very easily from host to host they can carry many diseases or protozoan, worms and transmit them to the host organism. Not only they actually feed of the blood of the host organism, they can create many allergic reactions and diseases, which in some cases can be deadly or require immediate medical attention.

How to treat efficiently a Head Lice infection?

As we are no longer treating head lice infections with DDT (banned in the last century, due to its possible cancer causing effects), some of the current treatments require either dangerous pesticides or chemicals, of which the parasite is able to adjust and become resistant to.
There are known alternative ways to get ride of head lice, usually using essential oils, such as tea tree oil, lavender, rosemary, neem and many more.
One of the most efficient is surely the Tea Tree oil, but it actually can not be ingested due to the lethal effect it has on the central nervous system and act as a poison, therefore never use Tea Tree oil in its pure active form on an animal, as it will instinctively lick it off and ingest it. You might simply poison and kill your pet by pure ignorance, rather than getting rid of the fleas.

Monoi de Tahiti, which is a coconut oil based product, works well for treatment of head lice, since coconut oil is deadly to lice. If you have a severe outbreak of head lice apply the oil on your child's hair. Monoi de Tahiti added to a shampoo will also kill the lice and any new nymphs as they hatch and will work wonder as a natural hair repairer and conditioner.

If your kids continue to wash their hair with Monoi de Tahiti added to their shampoo or uses it as a hair conditioner, it will make their hair shiny, manageable and assist in the prevention of these parasites.

A 2009 clinical trial has shown the superiority of a coconut oil as a natural alternative to the conventional treatment from head lice and their eggs. The clinical trial, which was published in the European Journal of Paediatrics involved 100 participants, found that coconut oil based product was more effective than pharmaceutical permethrin (an insecticide for treating head lice infestation) 0.43 per cent topical treatment for head lice. It was 40% more effective than the neurotoxin permethrin.

Overall, these studies indicated that the product is likely to have a treatment success rate of around 90 per cent, which would make it an acceptable alternative in areas where resistance is an issue with conventional insecticides like permethrin.

The researchers declaring that the fatty content of the coconut oil, which persisted on the hair and lice subsequent to washing contributed to the efficacy of the coconut oil based product.

Directions of use:

As preventative:

Wash the hair by applying a few drops of Monoi de Tahiti with the shampoo, or every 2 weeks lather the hair and scalp with Monoi de Tahiti and leave for 30 minutes, then wash and rise thoroughly.

For severe infections:

Lather the hair and scalp of Monoi de Tahiti and leave the product for at least 2 hours, if possible keep it over night with a shower cap and wash and rise thoroughly in the morning. Re-apply every 2-3 days for at lest 2 weeks.



Monoi de Tahiti: an alternative natural Head Lice treatment.


















































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