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Day Spa Line - Skin Care - Massage oils

The new exiting Day Spa Range of monoi oils is now available.
These skin care oils have been exclusively manufactured and developed for Monoi Australia. They can be used as massage oils too. Assisting as a moisturiser for any type of skin, these oils retain all the properties of Monoi de Tahiti oils.

The following oils are produced with only natural ingredients, no chemical, no preservative, no fragrance and no animal testing. Our ingredients come from a reputable source of growers that respect the environment and our planet:

Monoi DaySpa Noni Monoi DaySpa Tiare Monoi DaySpa Frangipani Monoi DaySpa Gardenia Monoi DaySpa Jasmine

Monoi DaySpa Niaouli Monoi DaySpa Vanilla Beans Monoi DaySpa Sandalwood Monoi DaySpa Vanilla Monoi DaySpa Ylang Ylang

All Monoi DaySpa bottles are 25ml


The following two oils are lightly fragranced:

Monoi DaySpa Coconut Monoi DaySpa Mango



Based on the traditional process: Refined Coconut oil (Coprah oil) and Tiare (Gardenia Tahitensis), Monoi Australia's Day Spa Range oils are unique, as they have been enhanced by the pulp of the Noni's fruit and carrot extracts. Noni fruit acts as a stabiliser and natural preservative, whilst adding all of its already well renowned amazing benefits (specially for the skin). The remarkable addition of the carrot in the manufacturing process has resulted in a heavenly lighter oil, so soft and gentle to the skin with a very fast absorption into the skin whilst delivering all the aromatherapy benefits.

 A truly non-greasy oil, based on all natural ingredients.


These oils have been crafted to enhance your body and soul when being applied. Monoi Australia’s oils will deliver to you this unique sensation of Paradise from Tahiti.


Monoi de Tahiti Tiare

Skin Care Moisturiser

Monoi AO Tiare


Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil 50ml